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Quintessence 2016 Vendors

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Thank you to our Quintessence 2016 vendors! These area businesses and organizations support breastfeeding in Central Texas.

Please show your support for these businesses.  They are making a difference in your community.

Learn more about these organizations below and visit their website.






























La Leche League of Austin provides mother-to-mother support group meetings at locations across the state, and volunteer Leaders are available to provide breastfeeding information and support over the phone and via email. All women interested in breastfeeding are welcome to attend meetings or contact Leaders for breastfeeding information and support. There are seven Austin area meetings, in addition to gatherings and playdates.

Thank you to Central Texas Food Bank for supporting breastfeeding in Central Texas! The Central Texas Food Bank provides food and grocery products to more than 300 Partner Agencies in 21 Central Texas counties. In the last year, the Food Bank provided more than 31 million meals! They also offer a breastfeeding education program and lactation support. SNAP-eligible families are supported prenatally and postpartum by a trained breastfeeding peer counselor.

Thank you to Daydream Baby Boutique for supporting breastfeeding in Central Texas! Daydream Baby Boutique is based out of Kyle, TX, but offers shipping to virtually anywhere in the world. They carry a wide range of products including ring slings, Baltic amber, cloth diapers, and goodies for mama.

Thank you to Texas Women, Infants, and Children for supporting breastfeeding in Central Texas! Texas is exceeding the Healthy People 2010 objective for 75 percent breastfeeding initiation rate, thanks to the use of trained peer counselors and IBCLCs working with families to support breastfeeding. Whether providing support through education, peer counseling, or breast pumps for qualifying women, Texas WIC sets the standard for the rest of the country.

Thank you to Austin Pediatric Dentistry PLLC for being a sponsor of CTBC’s National Breastfeeding Month!! Dr. Liliana Lucas and her staff believe dental visits CAN be fun for kids. Dr. Lucas also assesses sublingual and sublabial restrictions, and performs frenectomies using a laser.

Thank you to Monica Aguirre Photography for documenting our event. Monica specializes in baby, child, and family photography. She loves to capture special moments in your life.

Thank you to Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin for supporting breastfeeding in Central Texas! Since 1999, Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin has saved babies’ lives by providing prescribed donor human milk. With the support of milk and financial donors, they have pasteurized over 4 million ounces of donor human milk! CTBC is grateful to have such an amazing resource and supporter in our community.

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HB 1706 strengthens the right to breastfeed law

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Show your support for this legislation that increases public health and awareness.

Thank you to Representative Farrar for introducing amendments to the current right to breastfeed legislation.  Under our current legislation, even though it is strongly worded, we continue to receive reports of discrimination year after year.  Mothers report being accosted at the park, in restaurants, department stores, and most recently at AISD.  For many moms it is very embarrassing to attempt to breastfeed in public especially in the first months.  Many moms report that they are so afraid someone will say something negative that they pump milk in order to feed their baby if he\she gets hungry when they are out.  Many problems occur when this fear is fostered.  First, a mothers ability to make milk for her baby is very fragile.  If she does not take milk from the breast each time that the baby eats, she is telling her body that she doesn’t need to make that milk.  Her body responds through either severe engorgement which can lead to infection, loss of milk production, or both.  No mother should be asked to put her health or her baby’s health at risk because it might make someone else uncomfortable to see an infant eat.  Second and just as important, when more women are giving bottles we are teaching the next generation that babies should eat processed foods from a bottle instead of human milk from their mother.  Both consequences are dangerous not just to moms and babies now but generations to come.

The language in this bill that will fulfill the goal that HMHB has had for many years in educating businesses of the right of mothers to feed their children and establishing recourse if that right is abridged.

The bill adds to sec. 165.001: “The legislature intends that all persons be informed of the rights of breast-feeding mother and child and be prohibited from interfering with those rights.”

it adds important language to sec. 165.002 as well (underlined):  “A mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is otherwise authorized to be.  A mother’s authority to be in a location may not be revoked for the sole reason that she begins to breast-feed.

b. A person may not interfere with or restrict the right of  a mother to breast-feed in accordance with this section.

HB 1706 also instructs the comptroller to notify businesses of the current law which has been Texas law since 1995 and ensures the right of civil complaints if that right is denied.  Please tell Representative Farrar thank you for her contribution to healthy moms and babies all across Texas and let your representative know that you want them to co sponsor this bill.

Who represents me?

Full language and instructions on how to follow this bill here.


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Update: AISD rescinds discriminatory breastfeeding policy. New policy must be written.

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We have made a difference Austin!

Effective immediately the AISD policy which meshed federal legislation providing reasonable break time for nursing mothers and the Texas right to breastfeed law has been rescinded.

It was reported that the former policy was based on a common practice but never in writing and left up to the discretion of principal until Mrs Donmoyer (the mother listed in a previous post) challenged this practice and encouraged them to look at the law and develop a policy that complies.  What they came up with was just the opposite.  Who knows how many nursing mothers were made to feel ashamed for feeding their babies, but with your action it will not happen again (at least not in Austin).  If you never saw the policy, it stated:

“A district shall provide a parent or visitor who has properly checked in at a campus during the school day, a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion by the students, employees, and the public, which shall be used to breastfeed or express milk.

The principal or designee shall direct the parent or visitor to the place designated by the principal for breastfeeding or expressing milk.”

The current Texas statute states:

Sec. 165.001 – the legislature finds that breastfeeding a baby is an important and basic act of nurture that must be encouraged in the interests of maternal and child health and family values.  In compliance with the breastfeeding program established under the federal Child Nutrition Act of 1966, the legislature recognized breastfeeding as the best method of infant nutrition

Sec.165.002  Right to breastfeed

A mother is entitled to breastfeed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.

Federal legislation which gives moms the right to pump for their babies while at work states:

“An employer shall provide (a) reasonable break time for an employee to express breastmilk for her nursing child for 1 year after the child’s birth each time such employee has need to express the milk; and (b) a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from co-workers and the public, which may be used by an employee to express breast milk.

you may notice that the areas underlined in both the AISD policy and the pumping policy for employees are identical.  They were not however, intended for the same population.  This discussion has brought to light a larger question in the right to breastfeed debate.  The logic for this policy was that a mother is only authorized to breastfeed wherever the school district designated as the nursing / pumping room.  So if they designated a broom closet to be the breastfeeding / pumping room, according to this policy, as long as it wasn’t a bathroom and definitely out of view from anyone, it would be fine.  This logic goes completely against the intent of both pieces of legislation which is to increase breastfeeding rates, but it was their logic none the less.  If this was the logic of one of the largest school districts in the United States, how many others are doing the same?

Our work is not finished

Now that this policy has been rescinded, a new one must be put in it’s place.  Members of HMHB and the mom who stood up to AISD will be meeting with school board members to provide guidance.  Please add your suggestions and words of support here, at www.keepaustinnip.blogspot.com or by e mailing school board members trustees@austinisd.org

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Breastfeeding Challenge 2012

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Even with the rainy day many moms and babies joined us for the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge.








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GALS making a difference (Giving Austin Labor Support)

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This Friday June 1st a local volunteer organization GALS (Giving Austin Labor Support) is hosting a fund raiser to increase their resources and provide our most at risk populations with access to free labor support.  Their stated mission is to provide emotional , physical, and informational support to empower women through their birth experience.

Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth…

  • Tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications
  • Reduces negative feelings about one’s childbirth experience
  • Reduces the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps, vacuum extraction, cesarean section
  •  Reduces the mother’s request for pain medication and/or epidurals
Research shows that parents who receive doula support…
  • Feel more secured and cared for
  • Are more successful in adapting to new family dynamics
  • Have greater success with breastfeeding
  • Have greater self-confidence
  • Have less postpartum depression
  • Have lower incidence of abuse

GALS was established by an amazingly resourceful Labor and Delivery nurse at University Medical Center Brackenridge, Brigid Dodson, that witnessed too many moms coming into the delivery room with no support for their labor.  Many were completely alone or had a partner that had no idea how to support her though the intense journey of labor.  Often there was also a language barrier that made it difficult for the mom to express her wishes and concerns to nursing staff.  She put out a call to the community for birth professionals willing to volunteer their time to improve the health outcomes for this high risk population and approached the administration of her hospital with a plan to make this partnership a reality.  GALS started out with 4 volunteers almost 4 years ago and has since blossomed into a recognised support organization which not only helps moms in need but also provides experience for aspiring trained doulas to meet the requirements for certification as a professional doula.

GALS currently has 38 volunteers at different levels of expertise and activity.  Some volunteers are certified through DONA and other credentialing agencies, others are working towards certification.  GALS also has a partnership with Any Baby Can which matches labor support companions with an ABC client prenatally.  Other volunteers work on an on-call basis.  When a call comes in to the dispatch line, a labor support companion to meet the mom mid-labor at the hospital. 

Hospital staff will call for a host of reasons – Mom has no support person at all or maybe the mom is having a more difficult labor than anticipated and needs some extra support.

GALS volunteers attended over 50 births last year, over half of which were non-English speaking.

GALS is currently only partnered with Brackenridge and Any Baby Can, but is looking to expand their partnership with St Davids Medical Center and other local hospitals.  There is also a need for more volunteers and resources to maintain retention of volunteers.  “Without those volunteers this organization simply would not work.” Says GALS coordinator Karli Hetherington.

GALS is currently in need of funds to expand services and hire a full-time program coordinator as well as maintain operating costs of a dispatch phone line, training materials, and uniforms.

Join us in supporting this non profit organization and improve health outcomes for moms and new babies as they are welcomed into this world.  If you are seeing this post after the event, it is not too late you can still make a difference. Donate to GALS here  If you would like tickets, you can get them here

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2012 Breastfeeding Art Calendar (PRICE REDUCED)

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Do you have a 2012 breastfeeding art calendar?  We still have  a few left.  Get em while they last.  Each month has an original high quality 8.5 X 11 art piece that you can later detach and frame.  Show your support for breastfeeding moms, local Austin artists, and HMHB with this beautiful calendar.

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