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Quintessence 2016 Vendors

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Thank you to our Quintessence 2016 vendors! These area businesses and organizations support breastfeeding in Central Texas.

Please show your support for these businesses.  They are making a difference in your community.

Learn more about these organizations below and visit their website.






























La Leche League of Austin provides mother-to-mother support group meetings at locations across the state, and volunteer Leaders are available to provide breastfeeding information and support over the phone and via email. All women interested in breastfeeding are welcome to attend meetings or contact Leaders for breastfeeding information and support. There are seven Austin area meetings, in addition to gatherings and playdates.

Thank you to Central Texas Food Bank for supporting breastfeeding in Central Texas! The Central Texas Food Bank provides food and grocery products to more than 300 Partner Agencies in 21 Central Texas counties. In the last year, the Food Bank provided more than 31 million meals! They also offer a breastfeeding education program and lactation support. SNAP-eligible families are supported prenatally and postpartum by a trained breastfeeding peer counselor.

Thank you to Daydream Baby Boutique for supporting breastfeeding in Central Texas! Daydream Baby Boutique is based out of Kyle, TX, but offers shipping to virtually anywhere in the world. They carry a wide range of products including ring slings, Baltic amber, cloth diapers, and goodies for mama.

Thank you to Texas Women, Infants, and Children for supporting breastfeeding in Central Texas! Texas is exceeding the Healthy People 2010 objective for 75 percent breastfeeding initiation rate, thanks to the use of trained peer counselors and IBCLCs working with families to support breastfeeding. Whether providing support through education, peer counseling, or breast pumps for qualifying women, Texas WIC sets the standard for the rest of the country.

Thank you to Austin Pediatric Dentistry PLLC for being a sponsor of CTBC’s National Breastfeeding Month!! Dr. Liliana Lucas and her staff believe dental visits CAN be fun for kids. Dr. Lucas also assesses sublingual and sublabial restrictions, and performs frenectomies using a laser.

Thank you to Monica Aguirre Photography for documenting our event. Monica specializes in baby, child, and family photography. She loves to capture special moments in your life.

Thank you to Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin for supporting breastfeeding in Central Texas! Since 1999, Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin has saved babies’ lives by providing prescribed donor human milk. With the support of milk and financial donors, they have pasteurized over 4 million ounces of donor human milk! CTBC is grateful to have such an amazing resource and supporter in our community.

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Breastfeeding Bills Need Your Support

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We’re so close!  Your Senators need to hear from you this week

The legislative process in Texas is a daunting one.  the Lege only meets every 2 years to do the work of the people and that period in only a couple of months long so we have to work fast.

Of the 4 bills in support of breastfeeding mothers that were filed this session, 1 still has a chance in last weeks of this legislative session.

HB 786 By Rep Walle which would increase access for public employees including teachers to pump milk for their babies as they return to their noble work has passed the house and now needs support so that it can be voted on by the senate.

All the info including sample letters, call script, and tweets can be found HERE

Please show your support, contact your senator today!


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Nursing in Public PSA

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Support Breastfeeding Friendly Legislation.



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Breastfeeding Art Exhibit

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Feb 16 – 24 breastfeeding artwork will be displayed at the Texas Capitol Building and then travel around the state.

why hide

For more information visit www.texasbreastfeedingcoalition.org

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Please Support our Sponsors for National Breastfeeding Month Events

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A lot of love and hard work goes into making breastfeeding work for families in Central Texas.  Please support these local businesses that have  gone above and beyond to show their support for breastfeeding families.

2014 Sponsors


APD for Alamo


BCBSTX Logo centered color








nbcaustin_logo_fb-bigger w.addyBFSuccess-logoABC_logo_120X199

              logo_jpeg_lg        Afinity Tatoo 

Thanks for your support

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For Our National Breastfeeding Month Celebration We Will Be Screening the Groundbreaking Documentary “The Milky Way: Every Mother Has a Story”

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You won’t want to miss this

Join us on August 9th for Lunch and a Movie and get inspired about bringing social change to the US in regard to breastfeeding normalcy and support.  We just previewed the movie and it is AMAZING.

This film covers issues including historical pressure to put down your baby and get to work during WWII, compares the Unites States to other countries in their support of breastfeeding mothers and the care that they receive in the hospital and going back to work.  It discusses breastfeeding in public, formula marketing, finding qualified support, and has an inspiring message of actions that we can take to better support breastfeeding  in the United States.

We will be holding a full panel discussion after the film where movie goers will be able to find out about resources and current initiatives, ask questions about breastfeeding issues that they may be facing, and ultimately learn how you can get involved to bring about positive change for breastfeeding mothers in our community, Texas, and throughout the country.


See the trailer below

There’s still time to sponsor this event.  For more information on how you can become a sponsor please click here


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HB 741 and 1706 scheduled for a vote on the house floor

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The Texas Legislature has the opportunity to give moms of Texas a great Mothers Day gift

Thanks to those of you who contacted your legislator and the Calendar’s Committee.  Very late on Monday night May 7, both breastfeeding bills were added to the legislative calendar!  They will come up for debate and vote this week, just in time for Mother’s Day.  Because they are running behind schedule HB 741 will probably be heard Thurs May 9 and 1706 will probably be heard on May 10.  We will definitely be watching legislators votes on this issue and will establish a report on who our breastfeeding friendly Representatives are, but we need your help before the vote to make sure that all the legislators across the state are familiar with the issue.  Please call your Rep and send an e mail to all legislators expressing your support for these very important bills

The language of the bills can be found here

HB 1706 Strengthens the right to breastfeed in public  HB 1706 provides enforcement for the nursing in public law that was established in Texas in 1994.  This bill instructs the comptroller to inform all businesses in the state that a woman does in fact have the right to breastfeed her baby anywhere that she is otherwise authorised to be and her right to be there can not be revoked simply because she begins to breastfeed.

HB 741 Extends pumping protections for working mothers who are also public employees (including teachers of public school districts)

Please call and send your e mail of suport today!

Find sample letters at txbfleg.com but even just a few sentences about why these issues are important to you are fine.  The important thing is that you let your voice be heard and urge support for both of these bills.

Find your rep here

Send an e mail to everyone in the Texas Legislature with this list:

Alma.Allen@house.state.tx.us, Roberto.Alonzo@house.state.tx.us, Carol.Alvarado@house.state.tx.us, Rafael.Anchia@house.state.tx.us, Charles.Anderson@house.state.tx.us, Trent.Ashby@house.state.tx.us, Jimmie.Aycock@house.state.tx.us, Cecil.Bell@house.state.tx.us, Dwayne.Bohac@house.state.tx.us, Dennis.Bonnen@house.state.tx.us, Greg.Bonnen@house.state.tx.us, Dan.Branch@house.state.tx.us, Cindy.Burkett@house.state.tx.us, Lon.Burnam@house.state.tx.us, Angie.Button@house.state.tx.us, bill.callegari@house.state.tx.us, Terry.Canales@house.state.tx.us, Giovanni.Capriglione@house.state.tx.us, Stefani.Carter@house.state.tx.us, Travis.Clardy@house.state.tx.us, Garnet.Coleman@house.state.tx.us, Nicole.Collier@house.state.tx.us, Byron.Cook@house.state.tx.us, Philip.Cortez@house.state.tx.us, Tom.Craddick@house.state.tx.us, Brandon.Creighton@house.state.tx.us, Myra.Crownover@house.state.tx.us, Tony.Dale@house.state.tx.us, Drew.Darby@house.state.tx.us, John.Davis@house.state.tx.us, Sarah.Davis@house.state.tx.us, Yvonne.Davis@house.state.tx.us, joe.deshotel@house.state.tx.us, Dawnna.Dukes@house.state.tx.us, Harold.Dutton@house.state.tx.us, craig.eiland@house.state.tx.us, Gary.Elkins@house.state.tx.us, Pat.Fallon@house.state.tx.us, Joe.Farias@house.state.tx.us, Marsha.Farney@house.state.tx.us, Jessica.Farrar@house.state.tx.us, Allen.Fletcher@house.state.tx.us, Dan.Flynn@house.state.tx.us, James.Frank@house.state.tx.us, John.Frullo@house.state.tx.us, Charlie.Geren@house.state.tx.us, Helen.Giddings@house.state.tx.us, Craig.Goldman@house.state.tx.us, Larry.Gonzales@house.state.tx.us, Mary.Gonzalez@house.state.tx.us, Naomi.Gonzalez@house.state.tx.us, Lance.Gooden@house.state.tx.us, bobby.guerra@house.state.tx.us, Ryan.Guillen@house.state.tx.us, Roland.Gutierrez@house.state.tx.us, Patricia.Harless@house.state.tx.us, District105.Harper-Brown@house.state.tx.us, Ana.Hernandez@house.state.tx.us, Abel.Herrero@house.state.tx.us, Harvey.Hilderbran@house.state.tx.us, Donna.Howard@house.state.tx.us, Dan.Huberty@house.state.tx.us, Bryan.Hughes@house.state.tx.us, Todd.Hunter@house.state.tx.us, Jason.Isaac@house.state.tx.us, Eric.Johnson@house.state.tx.us, Kyle.Kacal@house.state.tx.us, James.Keffer@house.state.tx.us, Ken.King@house.state.tx.us, Phil.King@house.state.tx.us, Susan.King@house.state.tx.us, Tracy.King@house.state.tx.us, Tim.Kleinschmidt@house.state.tx.us, Stephanie.Klick@house.state.tx.us, Lois.Kolkhorst@house.state.tx.us, Matt.Krause@house.state.tx.us, John.Kuempel@house.state.tx.us, Lyle.Larson@house.state.tx.us, Jodie.Laubenberg@house.state.tx.us, George.Lavender@house.state.tx.us, Jeff.Leach@house.state.tx.us, Tryon.Lewis@house.state.tx.us, Oscar.Longoria@house.state.tx.us, jose.lozano@house.state.tx.us, Marisa.Marquez@house.state.tx.us,

District39.Martinez@house.state.tx.us, Trey.Martinez.Fischer@house.state.tx.us, Ruth.Jones.McClendon@house.state.tx.us, Jose.Menendez@house.state.tx.us, Borris.Miles@house.state.tx.us, Doug.Miller@house.state.tx.us, Rick.Miller@house.state.tx.us, Joe.Moody@house.state.tx.us, Geanie.Morrison@house.state.tx.us, Sergio.Munoz@house.state.tx.us, Jim.Murphy@house.state.tx.us, Elliott.Naishtat@house.state.tx.us, Poncho.Nevarez@house.state.tx.us, Rene.Oliveira@house.state.tx.us, Rob.Orr@house.state.tx.us, John.Otto@house.state.tx.us, Chris.Paddie@house.state.tx.us, Tan.Parker@house.state.tx.us, Diane.Patrick@house.state.tx.us, MaryAnn.Perez@house.state.tx.us, Charles.Perry@house.state.tx.us, Larry.Phillips@house.state.tx.us, Joe.Pickett@house.state.tx.us, Jim.Pitts@house.state.tx.us, Four.Price@house.state.tx.us, John.Raney@house.state.tx.us, Bennett.Ratliff@house.state.tx.us, Richard.Raymond@house.state.tx.us, rraymondtx@aol.com, Ron.Reynolds@house.state.tx.us, Debbie.Riddle@house.state.tx.us, Allan.Ritter@house.state.tx.us, Eddie.Rodriguez@house.state.tx.us, Justin.Rodriguez@house.state.tx.us, Toni.Rose@house.state.tx.us, Scott.Sanford@house.state.tx.us, Matt.Schaefer@house.state.tx.us, Kenneth.Sheets@house.state.tx.us, j.d.sheffield@house.state.tx.us, Ralph.Sheffield@house.state.tx.us, Ron.Simmons@house.state.tx.us, David.Simpson@house.state.tx.us, Wayne.Smith@house.state.tx.us, John.Smithee@house.state.tx.us, Drew.Springer@house.state.tx.us, Phil.Stephenson@house.state.tx.us, Jonathan.Stickland@house.state.tx.us, Mark.Strama@house.state.tx.us,

district121.straus@house.state.tx.us, Van.Taylor@house.state.tx.us, Ed.Thompson@house.state.tx.us, Senfronia.Thompson@house.state.tx.us, Steve.Toth@house.state.tx.us, Chris.Turner@house.state.tx.us, Scott.Turner@house.state.tx.us, Sylvester.Turner@house.state.tx.us, Jason.Villalba@house.state.tx.us, Michael.Villarreal@house.state.tx.us, Hubert.Vo@house.state.tx.us, Armando.Walle@house.state.tx.us, James.White@house.state.tx.us, Paul.Workman@house.state.tx.us, Gene.Wu@house.state.tx.us,  Bill.Zedler@house.state.tx.us, John.Zerwas@house.state.tx.us, Brian.Birdwell@senate.state.tx.us, Donna.Campbell@senate.state.tx.us, John.Carona@senate.state.tx.us, Wendy.Davis@senate.state.tx.us, bob.deuell@senate.state.tx.us, Robert.Duncan@senate.state.tx.us, Rodney.Ellis@senate.state.tx.us, Kevin.Eltife@senate.state.tx.us, Craig.Estes@senate.state.tx.us, Troy.Fraser@senate.state.tx.us, Sylvia.Garcia@senate.state.tx.us, Kelly.Hancock@senate.state.tx.us, Glenn.Hegar@senate.state.tx.us, Juan.Hinojosa@senate.state.tx.us, Joan.Huffman@senate.state.tx.us, Eddie.Lucio@senate.state.tx.us, Jane.Nelson@senate.state.tx.us, Robert.Nichols@senate.state.tx.us, Dan.Patrick@senate.state.tx.us, Ken.Paxton@senate.state.tx.us, Jose.Rodriguez@senate.state.tx.us, Charles.Schwertner@senate.state.tx.us, Kel.Seliger@senate.state.tx.us, Larry.Taylor@senate.state.tx.us, Carlos.Uresti@senate.state.tx.us, Leticia.VandePutte@senate.state.tx.us, Kirk.Watson@senate.state.tx.us, Royce.West@senate.state.tx.us, John.Whitmire@senate.state.tx.us, Tommy.Williams@senate.state.tx.us, Judith.Zaffirini@senate.state.tx.us, USBFLeg@gmail.com
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Update: AISD rescinds discriminatory breastfeeding policy. New policy must be written.

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We have made a difference Austin!

Effective immediately the AISD policy which meshed federal legislation providing reasonable break time for nursing mothers and the Texas right to breastfeed law has been rescinded.

It was reported that the former policy was based on a common practice but never in writing and left up to the discretion of principal until Mrs Donmoyer (the mother listed in a previous post) challenged this practice and encouraged them to look at the law and develop a policy that complies.  What they came up with was just the opposite.  Who knows how many nursing mothers were made to feel ashamed for feeding their babies, but with your action it will not happen again (at least not in Austin).  If you never saw the policy, it stated:

“A district shall provide a parent or visitor who has properly checked in at a campus during the school day, a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion by the students, employees, and the public, which shall be used to breastfeed or express milk.

The principal or designee shall direct the parent or visitor to the place designated by the principal for breastfeeding or expressing milk.”

The current Texas statute states:

Sec. 165.001 – the legislature finds that breastfeeding a baby is an important and basic act of nurture that must be encouraged in the interests of maternal and child health and family values.  In compliance with the breastfeeding program established under the federal Child Nutrition Act of 1966, the legislature recognized breastfeeding as the best method of infant nutrition

Sec.165.002  Right to breastfeed

A mother is entitled to breastfeed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.

Federal legislation which gives moms the right to pump for their babies while at work states:

“An employer shall provide (a) reasonable break time for an employee to express breastmilk for her nursing child for 1 year after the child’s birth each time such employee has need to express the milk; and (b) a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from co-workers and the public, which may be used by an employee to express breast milk.

you may notice that the areas underlined in both the AISD policy and the pumping policy for employees are identical.  They were not however, intended for the same population.  This discussion has brought to light a larger question in the right to breastfeed debate.  The logic for this policy was that a mother is only authorized to breastfeed wherever the school district designated as the nursing / pumping room.  So if they designated a broom closet to be the breastfeeding / pumping room, according to this policy, as long as it wasn’t a bathroom and definitely out of view from anyone, it would be fine.  This logic goes completely against the intent of both pieces of legislation which is to increase breastfeeding rates, but it was their logic none the less.  If this was the logic of one of the largest school districts in the United States, how many others are doing the same?

Our work is not finished

Now that this policy has been rescinded, a new one must be put in it’s place.  Members of HMHB and the mom who stood up to AISD will be meeting with school board members to provide guidance.  Please add your suggestions and words of support here, at www.keepaustinnip.blogspot.com or by e mailing school board members trustees@austinisd.org

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AISD tells local mom she can not breastfeed in public.

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Give thanks to mothers who breastfeed!

Show your support for mothers who are giving their babies the best.  Recently a mother was essentially sent to detention for nursing her child at AISD.  The following is an excerpt from her blog.  To read the full blog go here.


Waiting for my son in the lobby of our neighborhood elementary school in Austin Independent School District, I was discretely nursing my baby when I was told to go to a private conference room. But I know that my right to breastfeed in public is protected by Texas law.

Sec. 165.002. RIGHT TO BREAST-FEED. A mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.

I discovered that the district did not have a written policy, only a longstanding practice of doing what was done to me. Why is this a problem? Because simply asking a nursing mother to breastfeed privately implies that she is doing something wrong by breastfeeding publicly.

I wrote to my principal, then met with her. She maintained her position that nursing in the lobby is “inappropriate.” Dissatisfied for myself and not wanting anyone else put in this position, I wrote to the district’s superintendent’s office, legal department, and board members, urging them to adopt a written policy upholding the law that protects a woman’s right to nurture her child.

After five weeks of waiting, I received the “new” policy – a formalized and more rigid version of the old practice of sending nursing mothers to feed their children privately, as though feeding a baby is a shameful thing.

I am sharing this story because I want our district to change the policy to one that conforms to the law and shows mothers the respect and support they deserve. While a nice quiet place to nurse may sometimes be desirable, it should never be offered without assurances that a mother is free to feed her child wherever she chooses.

This subject will be discussed at the school board meeting Nov 19.  (see the calendar)


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Flash Mob

posted on Oct 18, 2012 in Current Efforts by

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