AISD tells local mom she can not breastfeed in public.

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Give thanks to mothers who breastfeed!

Show your support for mothers who are giving their babies the best.  Recently a mother was essentially sent to detention for nursing her child at AISD.  The following is an excerpt from her blog.  To read the full blog go here.


Waiting for my son in the lobby of our neighborhood elementary school in Austin Independent School District, I was discretely nursing my baby when I was told to go to a private conference room. But I know that my right to breastfeed in public is protected by Texas law.

Sec. 165.002. RIGHT TO BREAST-FEED. A mother is entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.

I discovered that the district did not have a written policy, only a longstanding practice of doing what was done to me. Why is this a problem? Because simply asking a nursing mother to breastfeed privately implies that she is doing something wrong by breastfeeding publicly.

I wrote to my principal, then met with her. She maintained her position that nursing in the lobby is “inappropriate.” Dissatisfied for myself and not wanting anyone else put in this position, I wrote to the district’s superintendent’s office, legal department, and board members, urging them to adopt a written policy upholding the law that protects a woman’s right to nurture her child.

After five weeks of waiting, I received the “new” policy – a formalized and more rigid version of the old practice of sending nursing mothers to feed their children privately, as though feeding a baby is a shameful thing.

I am sharing this story because I want our district to change the policy to one that conforms to the law and shows mothers the respect and support they deserve. While a nice quiet place to nurse may sometimes be desirable, it should never be offered without assurances that a mother is free to feed her child wherever she chooses.

This subject will be discussed at the school board meeting Nov 19.  (see the calendar)


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