Indonesia emposes heavy fines for anyone hindering breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months

on Feb 04, 2012 in News, News from Around the World

An interesting conversation is underway regarding a new law passed in Indonesia which penalizes anyone standing in the way of a mother breastfeeding her child for at least the first 6 months.  While I think that this law will be extremely difficult to enforce and even as a breastfeeding advocate I think it’s a little over the top, it does send a strong message that breastfeeding is a public health issue and all moms should have the unobstructed opportunity to give their babies human milk.  Read the article and tell us what you think. 

Since 2009, Indonesia has had a law promoting exclusive breastfeeding, but it was recently strengthened. Anyone who stands in the way of a mother nursing her baby for the first six months of life — an employer, for example, or a relative — is subject to a year behind bars and $11,000 in fines. What’s more, the law bars formula manufacturers from advertising to mothers of babies who have yet to reach their first birthday.

According to PBS Newshour, Indonesia hopes that its legislation will slash mortality rates for children under 5:

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