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The Hero of HMHB award is given to an individual, group, or business, or organization who has made policy changes (or other changes) to benefit the breastfeeding community.

2012 RecipientJanet Rourke

Janet Rourke received the 2012 Hero Award for her continued devotion, wisdom, and encouragement she has lent to breastfeeding advocates across the state.  She was instrumenal in the development of the program at the State (DSHS) which sends IBCLC Breastfeeding Training Specialists all over Texas to provide evidence based breastfeeding training for hospital staff, WIC, and the local community free of charge.  She took the lead as President of Central Texas Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies for many years and still remains one of the most reliable and knowledgable members we have.  She is currently the Information and Communications Committee Chair for the Texas Breastfeeding Coalition and an editor for Dr Hale’s website,  (clicking this link will take you to a newsletter written by Janet) In addition to editing the monthly newsletters, she  edits books, helps plan conferences, and coordinates continuing education credits for Hale Publishing conferences and independent study modules.  Thank you Janet Rourke for your continued service to breastfeeding moms and advocates all across the state.


2011 Recipients

Barbara Wilson-Clay received the 2011 Hero Award for her dedication to mothers and their access to quality care from lactation professionals.  Along with co-authoring  the Breastfeeding Atlas and maintaining a a website that is an amazing resource for professionals  she has worked tirelessly on legislation that would make it easier for moms to nurse their babies freely in public and receive quality care from licensed lactation professionals.

Leslie Lawson received the 2011 Hero Award for her work with several breastfeeding coalitions to give them a new public face by creating  innovative websites with easy access to social media.  With this she has given a platform for breastfeeding educators and advocates to interface with the public and provide valuable resources to families and professionals alike.  See her website here


2010 Recipients

Hellen Sullivan received the 2010 Hero Award for her outstanding service to breastfeeding mothers by encouraging positive policy change at hospitals across Texas and training care providers and WIC staff how to manage breastfeeding complications.  Hellen has been a Lactation Consultant and trainer for the State of Texas since 2000, and an RN supporting moms and babies since 1973.

Mur Anne Lawson received the 2010 Hero Award for her continued support and excellent service to pregnant andbreastfeeding mothers in the Austin area.  Mur Anne opened Special Addition in 1994, her store has on site Child Birth Educators and Lactation Consultants, and Mur Anne has been a major contributor to the community efforts of Central Texas HMHB and Mothers all across Central Texas.

2009 Recipients

Greg Barton received the 2009 Hero plaque for his marketing and advertising contributions to the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin.

Kim Pleticha received the 2009 Hero plaque for her support of breastfeeding mothers and Central Texas HMHB in her magazine ParentWise.

KEYE News received the 2009 Hero plaque for their coverage of breastfeeding news and events.

2008 Recipients

University Medical Center at Brackenridge Perinatal Medicine Council received the 2008 Hero plaque for changing hospital policies to require a doctor’s order and informed consent for formula supplementation of newborn infants. This policy change shows incredible institutional support for breastfeeding as the normal way to feed newborns and acknowledges formula as an intervention and pharmaceutical therapy.

Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing agency received the 2008 Hero certificate for outstanding support of breastfeeding mothers on their staff. An air conditioned trailer was provided on location for breastfeeding mothers to use to pump their milk when they were on video shoots.

2007 Recipients

Tracy Erickson received the award for her efforts to promote breastfeeding as the state WIC breastfeeding coordinator. Tracy has implemented many new innovative breastfeeding programs through WIC. Tracy is a board member of the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin.

Susan Landers

Susan Landers, 2007 HMHB Hero Award Recipient

Susan Landers, MD, also received the award for her efforts to promote breastfeeding to preemie mothers. Dr. Landers is a neonatologist and on the board of the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin. She is a tireless advocate for breastfeeding.

2006 Recipient

2005 Recipient – Sheree Scudder

Sheree Scudder received the award in 2005 for her long-time support of breastfeeding through her position with the City of Austin WIC Program. Sheree is the nutrition education and breastfeeding coordinator for the City of Austin WIC Program. In this position, she pioneered the peer counselor program in Texas and started Mom’s Place Breastfeeding Resource Center. City of Austin WIC Program has one of the highest rates of breastfeeding in the state.

2004 Recipient – Senator Letitia Van De Putte

Senator Van De Putte received the award in 2004 for her support of breastfeeding legislation.

2003 Recipient – Dr. George Sharp

Dr. Sharpe received the award for his role as one of the founders of the Mothers Milk Bank at Austin. He is a neonatologist who has practiced in Austin for over twenty-five years. Dr. Sharpe retired from full time practice in August of 2001, but continues working as a consultant and as a lecturer on the importance of breast milk for preterm infants. He helped found the Mothers Milk Bank in 1998 and serves as Vice President of its Board of Directors.

2002 Recipient – Representative Glen Maxey

Representative Glen Maxey received the award in 2002 for his legislative support of the Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin.

2001 Recipient – Dr. Sonny Rivera

Dr. Rivera received the first Hero of Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Award in 2001 for his role in starting the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin. Dr. Rivera is a neonatologist.

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